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Union Creative Freelance Designer Erik Porter Design and Branding

About Union Creative.

Union Creative is the working title for freelance graphic designer Erik Porter. Why Union? Well to be honest, I just didn’t feel comfortable with Erik Porter Design & Branding, it just felt a bit too grandiose. And three of my last four studio spaces - including my current one - were on Union ‘something’. So there we go.


What do I do? I identify and solve the problems – often not the expected ones –  my clients face when it comes to their brand and visual identity. This can be anything from a simple logo and brand application for a small start up company to a brand audit and realignment for a global multi-national; packaging for a small craft brewery to an internal awareness campaign for a university; and everything else in-between.

Featured Projects.

Magnet 3D Can Overlay2.jpg
Manual Brewing

Logo, branding and packaging for a craft brewery in Dundee...


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Union Creative Fierce Beer portfolio example beer packaging and branding
Fierce Beer

Ninja bears. Bondage vultures. Mod sloths and shark rockers. What’s not to like?

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Union Creative Dark Revolution portfolio example beer packaging and branding
Dark Revolution Brewing

Branding, packaging, Web and marketing collateral for a brewery in Salisbury...

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Wall Projects

Logo and branding for a contemporary art space and gallery in Montrose, Angus...


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Union Creative Dark Revolution portfolio example beer packaging and branding
Islay Boys

Branding and naming for a whisky range for an Islay-based company...

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Union Creative Rust Concept Homeware Stores portfolio example small business branding
Personal Projects

Experiments in typography and graphics, miscellany and other stuff...

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Get in touch.

Contact Union Creaive Design and Branding freelance designer Erik Porter

Union Creative
8 Union Street, Montrose

Angus DD10 8PY


Tel: 07774 603403


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