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Wall Projects

Logo and branding for a contemporary art space and gallery in Montrose, Angus. Collateral included a website and blog; exhibition posters; packaging; and a series of artist postcards.

I also devised a series of posters and adverts based around the theme of ‘Life is Better with Art in It’, which used the idea of art being ‘taken away’ or removed, showing the text on the back of a canvas, over the faded area behind a picture frame and over an empty Damien Hirst tank.


For this project we had access to a full set of wooden print blocks, but no means of actually printing from them; we resolved this by photographing the blocks, making them monotone and inverting the image in Photoshop - this resulted in a ‘printed’ letterpress alphabet complete with wood grain and blemishes, from which we created a full alphabet.

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