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Dark Revolution Brewing

Branding, packaging, Web and marketing collateral for a Salisbury-based startup brewery, created during my time with a previous employer.

In the initial brief the client had mentioned the ‘darker side of the human mind’, and branding based on Rorschach cards  - the patterns used for psychological testing - was created.

We subsequently created ink blot patterns intended for packaging (shown in the pump clip design), but the client decided the label would be directly screen printed onto the bottle itself (meaning the fine detail within the patterns could not be replicated) - an interesting occurrence where the production technique influences the overall branding.

We also introduced a series of limited edition beers, where we asked illustrators and graffiti artists to reinterpret the core skull bottle. This meant I got to work with two of my heroes - French Illustrator McBess and Berlin-based artist Dave the Chimp - with more in the works.

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