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Framed Morgan Howell Art Prints

These are high quality prints taken from the 'Morgan Howell on 45' book, with a custom mount and frame.

Known for his giant hand-painted 3-D paintings of classic 7" record sleeves, Morgan Howell creates a one-off unique supersized painting of each single. The natural wear incurred by the treasured disc is duly rendered in paint, making for a desirable artwork and consciousness portal for vinyl junkie music heads everywhere. Howell's attention to detail is fastidious, down to the authentically distressed and creased canvas that doubles as up-scaled paper sleeves and the tiny imperfections round the edges of the labels of the 7” vinyl records.


40 x 40cm white wood frame / image size 30 x 30cm / depth of frame 2.7cm (glass) or 1.5cm (perspex)

Frames w/glass: £40.00 each / Frames w/perspex: £30.00 each


£7.50 P&P (by courier) if required.

Message me if you're interested....

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